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Apr 24, 2013 8:00am PDT
with mass. see on the table here, i have-- oh, it's imagination time. look, i have all the 92 elements in the periodic table that's found commonly in the earth's crust, almost all 92, are all arranged here. see the hydrogen here? see the hydrogen atom? what's this one here? helium. helium. what's this one? lithium. lithium. i got no names, but you can just kinda look at them, right? what's the next one? i keep running after you. i know what the last one is. you guys know what the last one is, 92? begins with u. uranium. uranium. excellent. okay. and so i have all the atoms all lined up here. can you see them? at least in your mind's eye. now what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna shake the atoms. i'm gonna take the hydrogen-- just the nucleus of the atom, okay? i take the hydrogen, i shake it back and forth, okay? now, it's harder to shake the helium. how come? because it has more mass. there's four nucleons. over here is only one. then i take the lithium and i shake that, easier or harder? harder. what's the hardest one to shake? uranium. why? it got more mass. let's make a graph of how hard
Apr 22, 2013 6:00pm PDT
of a weapon of mass destruction and malicious destruction of property resulting in death. the judge asks the prosecuting attorney what are the maximum penalties. the prosecutor tells her death or imprisonment for life or imprisonment for any term of years. and it's the judge again, speaking to the defendant. this is not a trial, and you will not be called upon to answer the charges at this time. if at any time i say something you do not understand, interrupt me and say so. is that clear? the defendant nods affirmatively. the judge, all right. i note that the defendant has nodded affirmatively. as a first step in this hearing, i'm going to tell you about your constitutional rights. you the right under the constitution of the united states to remain silent. any statement made by you may be used against you in court, and you have the right not to have your own words used against you. you may consult with an attorney prior to any questioning, and you may have the attorney present during the questioning. counsel will be appointed without charge if you request not afford counsel. if you choose
Comedy Central
Apr 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
a mass shooting that shocked the nation. so should we be learning from this effective example? of course not. >> i guess if we're going to go to planet x. and say it's not united states, some other planet, different people, different everything, i don't know, yeah, you know, but in the real world with human beings it's not going to work, and gun control isn't going to work. >> unfortunately not tonal is australia actually in the real world. even their aninals can hoist a weapon. who is right about gun control? there was only one way to find out. confront the man responsible. mr. prime minister, let's begin in the formal australian way-- g-day. >> how do you do. >> obviously, gun control doesn't work. it can't work. it will never work. so wow was your scheme a failure? >> well, my scheme was not a failure. we had a massacre at port arthur 17 years ago, and there have been none since. >> zero gun mass cers. hold on. did gun control actually work? >> it stopped one thing. that could also be a statistical anomaly. >> yeah, it was just mass shootings disappeared. >> there were so few of them,
Mar 31, 2013 5:30pm PDT
style to the traditional easter sunday mass with the broad appeal for peace before he went out and met the faithful once again. nbc's duncan has a report tonight. >> reporter: they came by the thousands. a quarter of a million welcomed pope francis as he delivered his first easter mass, calling for peace. he appealed for peace between israelis and palestinians, for the refugees fleeing the war in syria and making reference to what could be the next big conflicts. he called for reconciliation between north and south korea. >> we wanted to come to get the blessing from the pope and to feel the love and community here today and that's what we did. we're hoping that this will be a new sign for world peace. >> reporter: pope francis also urged the people to be good stewards of nature showing their concern for the environment that's already become a cornerstone of his pontificate. nbc claude was in st. francis square. >> pope francis delivered the mass in his now traditional style. it was short, simple and somber. once again it touched the hearts of the thousands of people who came here to s
Apr 2, 2013 4:00pm PDT
'm saying to individuals on this board you need to hook up with campos and raise a mass meeting with the tenants and we're going to march down here but what about the tenants like camping possess says? i understand there is a mass meeting with the mayor who cares. one thing for sure we as african-americans are in the state of emergency we've got no chance >> next speaker. >> my name is a eugene. the constitution that we address is a matter of social curls condition supplied radiant in it's universe. redress to corroborate to answer on inability of the state to anything work time and recognition in exchange for healthy basic needs. we humans who educate labor in basis needs the maintenance of our people's a universe written as a ballot mile-an-hour outlaws racism and capital currency and man taxation's is organized collective labor. that qualifies from life instruments, production, it's anything work time. recognition of medical health oust. masses will leave and social culture labor persons skills and production, product, mental health did i ability basic needs and overall mea
FOX Business
Apr 15, 2013 4:00pm EDT
so much for taking time to talk to us on the phone. we have a spoke persons for mass general hospital where at least some of the victims have gone. mack, let's get to the numbers. what can you tell us? >> our information right now is we have 19 people being evaluated in the e.r. and that's about all i can tell you. adam: do you need anything from the president, he has offered any kind of service that boston might need? is this the kind of situation where medical facilities outside of boston might need to send personnel or material? >> i suppose it is possible. we have very large emergency room. so i don't believe that will be necessary. but, you know it is an evolving situation so. liz: of course. and we know that the fine doctors, among the finest in the world are at mass general. do you, we are hearing that at least two people have been killed. were those people transferred to mass general? >> i do not have any information at this time on the condition of patients. liz: thank you very, very much for joining us. we know you're business civil we'll let you government as we look at the
Apr 6, 2013 8:30pm PDT
oust. masses will leave and social culture labor persons skills and production, product, mental health did i ability basic needs and overall means of production is to tries in evolution. and joy constructive and is a total masses retirement age facilities and social culture needs to take this is change >> thank you very much. next speaker >> good afternoon. supervisors. indignantness lifelong resident southeast sector. i come before you to let you know of gun violence month. the shirt is in honor of a young man who was a san francisco adult league in the year 2000 that year we was shot and killed on christmas day at the age of 20. my heart goes out to the mission. and to the mission and to the c r n of the mississippi brother john t. and 3 others. this goes out to the family. may tender memories so often your grief. and may i find comfort and peace in the of the thought joy that knowing you're loved one branch out. for time and space can never divide or keep you're loved one from your side. when memory paints in memories true the happy hours that belong to you. that's by helen
Apr 12, 2013 1:00am PDT
of mass destruction and he joins us. we will talk to the congressman you just heard from in just a few moments. barbara, let me start with you. the portion of the d.i.a. report that the congressman read today, many people understandably alarmed by it. what are you hearing about it, the validity of the information? >> well, what he read was accurate, anderson. that is what the d.i.a. has said, no question about it. but what's the d.i.a. really talking about here? why should all of us be so concerned? what they're saying is that north korea has made significant progress in nuclear weapons. this is broad scale, this is not a nuclear warhead. that's what the pentagon came back and talked about just later today. the pentagon says we're not talking about a nuclear warhead fine-tuned miniaturized highly technical warhead that can be put on a missile and delivered overseas perhaps to the united states. we're talking about nuclear weapons, a much broader category, basically a nuclear device, a nuclear bomb. but i think most americans will feel that is small comfort that north korea really has m
Apr 19, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. rehema ellis is at -- where are you? mass general? >> reporter: i'm at mass general hospital here. we have seen a lot of activity of state police cars, unmarked cars with lights on, sirens flashing and going up into the emergency entrance of the hospital. i'm not sure if my camera man can get a shot of the front door. i'm told there are state troopers guarding the entrance, the front entrance to the hospital. i think we are anywhere from five to seven miles from watertown. the closest hospital would be mount auburn. many say the facilities that exist here at massachusetts general hospital, they believe, are superior to those in mount auburn and this might be a place they would bring him. it is curious that so many police officers and so many police vehicles have come here to the hospital. as you know, one of the things that so many people have come out from the buildings, the pubs that opened, standing on the sidewalks, brian, trying to get a glimpse of ambulances or police cars coming this way. i have heard you talking about people copped up all day and it seems there could be a reso
Apr 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
plotters out there? but, will the suspect's wounds prevent him from talking? >>> marijuana madness. mass panic as thousands scramble for safety when gunfire breaks out at denver's annual pro-pot celebration. >>> on a lighter note this morning -- is america's cupcake fad fading? they're everywhere. even atm machines. are we losing our taste for these caloric confections? and if so, what is the next big thing? >>> and good morning, america. as we go on air this sunday morning, we want to show you a live shot inside boston's famed cathedral of the holy cross where this morning, cardinal sean o'malley will celebrate a mass for those who died in the marathon bombings. this is same cathedral where the president held that emotional interfaith message on thursday. >> a lot of people crying in the room when the president spoke on thursday. >>> as boston remembers the victims, it's also trying to resume some semblance of normal life. take a look at fenway park. on the field, before the game, the players, the runners and the first responders. and then the surprise guest leading the crowd in "sweet
Apr 23, 2013 8:00am PDT
of substances, yeah? it's got two positive charges. and the four refers to the atomic mass unit. and that's the number of nucleons altogether. i call this, by the way, nucleons. i can call you a people, a person, but a person can be a male or female. nucleon can be a proton or neutron. see what i'm saying? but there's four nucleons altogether, so it has a mass of four and atomic number two. so that would be the configuration. if i put another proton in there, then it would now be-- does anyone know? it would be the element lithium because now it would have three and up here would be five. and any nucleus that has three protons, by definition and by chemical properties, will be that which we call lithium. and you guys know about that, the number of protons in the nucleus dictate what the nucleus is. okay. like what, 82 for lead. anything with 82 protons, honey, that's lead. anything with 92 protons, what's that? anything with 92 protons, what kind of age do we live in, gang? begin with a u. uranium, huh, it's uranium. now, we can have something like this. the most common form of uranium is
Apr 15, 2013 3:00pm PDT
become defined as these kinds of mass destructions. and people react in a way they are frightened shocked, but not necessarily surprised, and i think as we move forward from this, one of the things that i hope is discussed is how has come to become the new normal in america. >> michael: yeah, and without being dismissive at all of what happened obviously, this happens in syria every day, at least 50 people die from bombs or war fair every day. and we don't react the same. we're not expected to. what makes these events in this country so different? is it because it is so new here? >> it is new in the sense of mass violence mass chaos events. obviously there is gun violence on american streets every year but in terms of mass shootings, mass potential terrorist events mass bombings even infrastructure events, that hasn't been a normal in america until fairly recently. sure there have been events. the olympic bombing and the allegations against richard jewel, and terrorism events after 9/11 but it hasn't become the new normal in this country as it has in other co
Apr 25, 2013 7:00pm PDT
to be united states centric here, but the reason we are looking at united states is the mass majority of the people who will take this class will probably be looking at that environment and it's incredibly diverse and so first i want to look at why it is, it is so diverse. and of course the first reason is the first amendment to the u.s. constitution, the bill of rights. and how interesting that the founders thought that freedom needed to be put first and we see that. congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise there of, and those there are 16 simple words where culture shaking radical at the time. there can be no tax support at one church, no single group defines identity in relationship and at the same time people have freedom to believe what they will. so these two great clauses; no establishment, all other times it would make sense that a society needed one set of answers to profound life questions or at least something in the same bag and people would pay money to support that institution. well not the case here and of cour
Apr 26, 2013 1:00am PDT
away neatly in beds, a mass suicide. their cult was called the heaven's gate. as best anybody could figure, they killed themselves because they thought doing so would somehow convey them to an alien spacecraft they wanted to be on they believed was trailing behind a particular comet, absolutely bizarre and tragic, 39 people killed in that cult mass suicide. the people who indeed that rancho santa fe mansion were all members of the cult. at least this cult in its mass suicide did not try to take anybody else out with them. that was not the case in jonestown. it was a cult founded in the midwest and grew hugely in the san francisco bay area and eventually moved to south america in 1976. the jonestown cult is remembered for its mass suicide in gi anna two years later, 1978, 900 people dead. but not every jonestown cult member who died made a decision to die. it was not all suicide. including the cold-blooded murder of a u.s. congressman and nbc news reporter and nbc news cameraman and photographer for the san francisco examiner and member of the group trying to defect back to the u.s.,
Apr 28, 2013 5:00pm PDT
guard patrols on the bay will be reduced due to those budget cuts. to the mass roman has the story from san san francisco. >> we have learned from a local law enforcement source that patrols, routine patrols and other activities usually performed by the coast guard, have already been cut and bay area fire and police agencies are being asked to take up the slack. >> this imperial attitude on the part of the administration. >> we do apologize. we'll try to get you more information on the coast guard cuts. >> some el people receiving unemployment benefits in california will feel the sequester pinch. federal extensions starting today or after will be cut by nearly 18%. the average worker will lose $52 per week. >> it also resulted in 5% cut in each of the donary's national parks. the joe september tee valley visitor center hours will be two hours shorter from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. trailing repair and maintenance could also be scaled back. >> the sequester includes a total of $85 billion in federal budget cuts. the result of washington's failure to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion. the seq
Apr 16, 2013 2:00am PDT
's ron allen is at mass general hospital, where many of the injured are being treated. what can you tell us about the range of injuries? >> the range of injuries is serious. there were about 30 people taken to hospitals yesterday, that were in serious, grave condition. here at mass general, they told us there are at least eight people who are in surgery and may have multiple surgeries in the days to come. as the doctor said in the sound clip that you aired, most of the injuries are lower extremities, damage to bones, tissue, a lot of damage from flying shrapnel. there were amputations that happened or partial amputations. some are in critical condition at some of the hospitals. there is the possibility that the death toll could increase. the bottom line is, this is going to be a situation that's going to go on for some time. one other point. the doctors said they are asking for donations of blood from the general public. they don't need it now. but they anticipate in the days and weeks ahead, they will because they're running for a lot of blood supplies to deal with the 30 or so patients
Apr 22, 2013 2:30pm PDT
with explosives, designed to cause eath and serious injury. one has been charged with using a weapon of mass destruction. if found guilty he will face life in prison or the death penalty. his older brother was killed in a gun battle with police on friday. last year he went to russia raising questions about who he met and was he radicalized there. even though the f.b.i. had spoke tone him they knew nothing of the trip because his name was misspelled. >> he went to russia. how did we not know that. apparently the misspelling of his name was such that he did not pop up in the system. did he intentionally misspell his name or did the russian airline get it wrong. i don't know. >> this area was packed with thousands of runners and speck taughtors. it will be remembered as one of boston's darkest hours. the barricades are being removed and the streets reopened but it still feels very far from normal. >> a memorial grows by the day. >> i talked to someone this weekend that grew up in belfast and said they are used to this and in the middle east. >> it is sad. i ran the boston marathon in 1990. it i
Apr 26, 2013 2:30pm PDT
. it wouldsidered -- definitely be over the line. >> there have been some suggestions if there were not mass casualties, the president's calculus will not change. you are saying is still a chemical weapon. definitely crosses the red line if it was used. >> incontrovertible evidence, how difficult is this going to be to verify? >> extremely difficult. obamavel the administration needs to reach is almost impossibly hard to reach. ofre are varying levels confidence in the intelligence community. they are calling on the u.n. to do more searching. they are concerned but the chain of custody of the samples taken. they are relying on you in -- u.m. so far, they have been denied access. they have to physically go to the sites, find artillery, tissue samples, hair samples, soil samples and maintain the chain of custody. they have to go to their own laboratories and confirm the tests and then give it to the president. it does not look like that will happen. >> even if they are allowed in, how difficult will it be to find the weapons when it has been determined to have been used? " the syrians have ask
FOX News
Apr 15, 2013 7:00pm PDT
injured. there is a press conference at mass general. let's go to that. >> some are in very critical condition? >> that's correct. there have been 29 patients seen here total. 8 are in critical condition and many of those are very seriously ill. >> what kind of injuries? >> there's a variety of injuries. probably the most common serious injuries or combined lower extremity injuries, combined meaning bone injuries, lower extremities. >> are you seeing shrapnel type injuries. >> yeah. we are seaing a lot of shrapnel injuries. many involve predominantly the lower extremities but it can affect the entire body. >> doctor, please describe the scene when people were coming in and cases coming in. can you describe that? >> well, the first patient who probably came in was probably the most severe. we had three of the most critically ill patients come in if about the first fifteen minutes. at this point we didn't know if that was the tip of a huge iceberg or not. so, you know, i think actually everybody, we're prepared for that type of situation so the hospital activated its incident command s
FOX News
Apr 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
conference at mass general. let's go to that. >> some are in very critical condition? >> that's correct. there have been 29 patients seen here total. 8 are in critical condition and many of those are very seriously ill. >> what kind of injuries? >> there's a variety of injuries. probably the most common serious injuries or combined lower extremity injuries, combined meaning bone injuries, lower extremities. >> are you seeing shrapnel type injuries. >> yeah. we are seaing a lot of shrapnel injuries. many involve predominantly the lower extremities but it can affect the entire body. >> doctor, please describe the scene when people were coming in and cases coming in. can you describe that? >> well, the first patient who probably came in was probably the most severe. we had three of the most critically ill patients come in if about the first fifteen minutes. at this point we didn't know if that was the tip of a huge iceberg or not. so, you know, i think actually everybody, we're prepared for that type of situation so the hospital activated its incident command system and within about five t
Apr 16, 2013 12:00am PDT
accurate. there's a lot of confusion in the aftermath of a chaotic mass kausht event like this. >> let's not forget the atlanta olympics. >> that's right. >> that was a terrorist -- a domestic terrorist who didn't take credit for it. there's this expectation, i think, much of our security system is so focused on international terrorism sometimes that i think that's why this word gets thrown around, but, you know, there is -- there's assumptions, and i've heard others say there's the assumption somebody will take credit if it's a group. that's the way it works internationally. we don't know yet. >> chuck, we've also heard reports of expanded security around the white house. what can you tell us about that? >> well, we've seen it ourselves. they've pushed -- essentially gotten rid of the -- pushed the perimeter to lafayette park. obviously, pennsylvania avenue is closed to vehicle traffic but now they're closing it to essentially tourist traffic. if you have a i.d. badge -- we're not in full lockdown. if you have business at white house, you can get in and out. but this is high tourist s
Apr 15, 2013 9:00pm PDT
to be standing in reporting in front of mass general under these circumstances. during the week i stay in new york city which is another place i love that's seen terrorism up close. tonight mike hays tweeted this picture from new york city. it's from brooklyn. it's a projection from the new york sight light brigade. it's onto the outside of the brooklyn academy of music. it says darkness cannot drive out darkness. only light can do that. underneath this one you can see the lighted letters spell out l-o-v-e. another slide reads brooklyn loves boston. take that darkness. that does it for us for now. msnbc coverage of the attack today in boston continues through the night. stay with us. thanks. >>> tonight an nbc news special report. after an awful day in boston a womani in bombing at the finish line of the boston marathon. there a mass casualties including children. the latest on what happened and where the investigation stands tonight including the search for a subject as the nbc news special report gets under way. >> it's the best day every year in boston. it's a holiday, patriots day. the re
Apr 22, 2013 10:00am PDT
the past hour a funeral mass concluded for one of the three people who was killed in last week's explosions. there were a lot of mourners packing into st. joseph's church in the boston suburb of medford. they were there to remember krystle campbell. she was a restaurant manager, she was just 29 years old. the boston cardinal sean o'malley presided over the services. and tonight, a memorial service is going to be held for lingzi lu, a graduate student in math and statistics at boston university had just written her final exams and they have her degree ready for her. if you'd like to help the surviving bomb victims, 50 of whom are still in the hospital, go to and we certainly urge that you do take a look at that website. charging the boston marathon bombing suspect, the officials could file charges at any moment. in fact, that is what we're waiting on, but exactly what charges is this young man going to be facing? he is certainly in a great deal of trouble. murder, terrorism, conspiracy, all in play. we're going to break down the possible list and how it may compare to another
Apr 19, 2013 4:00am PDT
9000 officers on a manhunt in watertown, mass. for a man they're calling a terrorist connecting to monday's marathon bombings. >> one officer dead, and another injured after what has been a very violent night of explosions, shoot outs and a carjacking. >> boston is on as this morning after a night of violence and chaos. >> police responded to the cambridge campus of mit thursday evening when an officer was shot and killed. the area were shut down and the college community warned to stay away. >> if that was the beginning. action, sprung up in the nearby community of watertown. where an alleged carjacking leventhal explosive. gunfire was exchanged and one officer was shot. >> in the exchange of gunfire we believe one of the suspects was struck and ultimately taken into custody a second suspect was able to flee from that car. >> the district attorney's office says that the suspect has died. police are looking for a man that matches the description of a second suspect. wanted by the fbi in connection with the attack at the boston marathon. >> a door to door manhunt is underway. >>
FOX News
Mar 31, 2013 11:00pm PDT
control heats up. 100 days after newtown you, congress gets ready to vote on new measures to prevent mass shootings. but is the call for action starting to fade? we'll ask a leading voice in the debate, former astronaut mark kelly, husband of gabby giffords. then, are how will the new pope change the catholic church? as the world celebrates easter pope francis must shepherd the church out of scandal. we will talk with the archbishop of washington. plus, north korea enters a state of war against south korea. we will ask our sunday panel have the firey threats reached the danger point? and our power player of the week, 9 untold story of how a doctor saved the life of ronald reagan. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: hello again and happy easter from hannon: andnda ooton arom fox news in washington. after months of debate, the senate is finally ready to vote on new gun control legislation. one of the people at the center of the issue is mark kelly, retired astronaut and navy captain and the husband of former congress woman gabby giffords who was shot two years ago. captain kelly j
Apr 15, 2013 10:00pm PDT
their loved ones or family at mass general at least? >> some of them we have, some of them we haven't. some that were unidentified -- it took at least a couple of hours. some that i personally treated -- i don't know 29 total or particularly the 11 -- i'm sorry eight in critical condition -- >> were they runners or spectators? >> again, i'm not sure. i have not taken care of any runners. of the 29 people -- >> what type of shrapnel are you seeing? anything unusual or anything in particular? >> no, there's a lot of small metal debris. some people have asked already about weather it's bbs or parts of bombs. i don't think we are able to say whether they're small parts of metal placed there intentionally or part of the environment. >> do you think the people that are in critical condition, they are okay? >> they are not looking okay. it's not what critical means. so, it's really too early to say. to say how everybody is. >> how long will this process continue critical? within hours or -- >> a number of patients require repeat operations tomorrow and serial operations over the next couple days.
Apr 16, 2013 1:00am PDT
at mass general today as a result of the bombing today on boylston street in boston. he himself, who is a trauma surgeon, dr. faganholz has operated on six of them. he said that no one admitted to the hospital to mass general is under the age of 18. the oldest patient he knows admitted to mass general is 71 years old. dr. faganholz as you just heard him say, he's been working all day on surgeries and was working all day on surgeries and operations before this event occurred, and has been now continuing with that. joining us now is cassidy quinn brettler who is in newton, massachusetts. she with thenessed today's attacks. cassidy, thank you very much for joining us tonight? >> thank you for having me. i wish it were under better circumstances, thank you. >> cassidy, were you there as a spectator of the marathon? >> i was. i work downtown. one of my colleagues was running in the marathon. he had already finished race a few minutes before. i went back about 30 feet behind the finish line to get a perfect picture of the finish line as any photographer wants to do. before i got to take th
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 2,353 (some duplicates have been removed)